Dude Charity plans to put itself aside from other non-profits by showing you where your money is going. Every month a different cause will be chosen and an act of kindness will be done. We don’t just plan on dumping the cash for them to use however they want. We plan to combine efforts with them to ensure our abidements are a great bang for our buck. Keep your eye on our social medias to see what we are up to.


  • January Mental Health Services
  • February Ronald McDonald House
  • March Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • April Childhood Cancer Family Connection
  • May I Have A Dream Rescue Organization
  • June The Godman Guild
  • July Special Olympics
  • August Habitat For Humanity
  • September Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • October Make It Fit Foundation
  • November Novembeard / Nationwide Palliative Care
  • December Coat, Sock & Glove Drive (Local Homeless Shelters)
*All charities are subject to change

Abidements Prior to Forming Dude Charity

Prior to the formation of Dude Charity the Founding Dudes enjoyed doing small acts of kindness and volunteering in their community. Inspiration came from many local non-profits but most heavily from the Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (www.rake.org) movement. Combine that with extensive knowledge of The Dude, help from www.dudeism.com and the idea of Dude Charity was born. Below are some of the random acts of kindness the Dudes were up to before starting Dude Charity.

Homeless Outreach

One of the founding dudes played in a golf outing in 2010 unknowingly benefiting a new homeless shelter. Volunteers who were looking for more volunteers were mostly getting turned away by the golfers. He had never volunteered before but had always thought it was something he should do so he said, “Why not me.” He has been one of the longest tenured volunteers at St Vincent Haven in Newark, OH ever since.

Annual Coat Collection for the Homeless and Socktobe

Annually since 2013 when winter months are approaching the founding dudes have went around to fellow dudes to collect coats, gloves and hats for those less fortunate. To date 100+ 50 gallon bags full of donations have been dropped off at to local shelters and free stores. We have also collected over 1000 pairs of socks for the #RAKE inspired Socktober which were donated directly to the homeless.

Annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Event

Big Brothers Big Sisters has always been an organization near and dear to the Dude Charity’s heart. Some of us were “Littles” as young dudes and one decided to become a “Big” in 2011. Shortly after being teamed up with his little Zachary one of the founding dudes was introduced to fundraising thru BBBS event Bowl For Kids’ Sake. The Big Lebowski Brothers & Sisters were then formed and quickly became the top fundraising group. We raised $2000 in 2013, $5000 in 2014, $6000 in 2015, $13,000 in 2016, $5000 in 2017 and $15,000 in 2018 for a total of over $46,000 over those years. Fundraising efforts include an annual BLB&S shirt, bar events, silent auctions and Dude Fest. Make sure you look out for Big Lebowski Brothers & Sisters or other Dude Charity shirts around town because they are far out man. Get one in our shop so you can “Dude On To Others!”

Novembeard benefitting Nationwide Children’s Hospital

One of the founding dudes has been involved in non-profit work since college. One of his various endeavors includes the Novembeard campaign in which men grow out their beards for the month of November and fundraise for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Most people get donations to shave their beard at the end of the month but he thought he would flip the script and ask people if they would prefer their donation to go to SAVE or SHAVE the beard as he already had a substantial beard. The save side won the battle for the first couple years but shave was able to get the clippers buzzing after the beard had been growing for over three years! All in all his beard raised over $12,500 for Nationwide Children’s Hospital!!

Flint Water Crisis

When the Flint Water Crisis struck one of the founding dudes said he wanted to load his truck up with water and head to That State Up North. After fundraising for a week he quickly knew he had way more money/water than truck. The Make IT Fit Foundation stepped up to provide logistical help. We ended up donating over 27,024 bottles of water!! Our stops included Genessee Health Autism Center, Carriage Town Ministries, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Flint and men’s shelter called My Brother’s Keeper. The power of dude was strong with this abidement as the average donation was around $25.

Gatlinburg Fire Victim Donation

When wildfires struck the Gatlinburg, TN area the founding dudes were enlisted by some fellow dudes to help do something about it. A drive for water, Gatorade, food, clothing ended up with three truck and trailers heading to donation sites in TN. On top of that we also made a cash donation to some of the first responders of the fires and got to hear their crazy stories. It was on this trip the Founding Dude finally decided that maybe this was something he should try to do much more of and the idea of Dude Charity was born on the ride back home.

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