Dude On To Others As You Would Have Them Dude On To You

Dude Charity is a group of individuals who want to help others by making it fun to engage in community service. We aim to fundraise for non-profit organizations in the Central Ohio area through recurring donations from our members or “dudes.” Our help or “abidements” are chosen by monthly meetings and are fully funded by the small donations of dudes (man dude, woman dude, any dude). The main goal of Dude Charity is to show people that individually their donations may seem small but when banded together they are mighty. We intend to get our dudes involved with the charities we choose through random acts of kindness. 100% of ALL small donations will be directly applied toward monthly abidements and random acts of kindness in honor of each charity. Thru fundraising, acts of kindness and spreading the dude message we hope to carve out a niche in the charitable sector and make the world a brighter place. We aim to be a fundraising “club” where dudes can team up together and make real change starting at home.

Our Supporters